“U2 came out of nowhere. I thought someone was taking the piss.”

Flood has been a legend in the world of music producing for the best part of thirty years. Having presided over some of the alternative rock scene’s most dynamic and groundbreaking acts – Warpaint, Smashing Pumpkins, PJ Harvey, Soulwax, Nine Inch Nails – he sat down with Chris and Tim to talk about some of the pivotal moments in his illustrious career.


Here’s our Spotify playlist of some of Flood’s best work, plus some other songs we talked about.

You can listen to the podcast on…






Flood picture by Tommy N Lance.


2 thoughts on “EPISODE TWO – FLOOD

  1. I find it strange you managed to completely skip talking about Depeche Mode with both Dave Bascombe and Flood.. you must really hate them!


    1. Not at all – I really love them – but I just don’t think there were any DM stories to tell with Dave, and as for Flood, I think if we started talking about DM with him, there’d be so much to say that we’d fill two episodes, wouldn’t talk about anyone else, and Flood would need a therapy session straight afterwards…


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